It would have made everything simpler knowing these before.

The activities we do to stay healthy are not spoken of for good manners, to avoid annoying the interlocutor. We tend to avoid talking about our sex life with the family because it’s terribly embarrassing. We don’t tell someone we’ve just met that he has parsley in his teeth.

But there isn’t any reason to don’t talk about the following things. Personally speaking, I can’t imagine how much even knowing just one of the following concepts would have changed my perspective. …

This article is based on a REAL use case scenario for a database-intensive application, with a focus on performance. The experimental results I’ve come across can help you choose one or the other.

Straightforwardly, the same application has been realized twice using different languages: JavaScript (Node-JS) and Java (Spring-Boot) with performance measuring executed in varied environments.

All the code including deploy (Docker-Swarm) and testing environment (JMeter) is available at free for you to play with and customize.


  1. Application and test description — what are we measuring and how
  2. Results and conclusion


We will evaluate the performance of four REST JSON endpoints:

  1. /find-all — Gets an increasing number of items from the DB
  2. /save — Persists a new item on the DB
  3. /get/{id} — Get an item from the DB
  4. /cpu/{load} —…

Yes, the percentage in the title is totally random and not accurate. Still, a lot of your boilerplate code on these project can be generated automatically [if you start from an existing database] :3

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

Let’s start from the finish: if you use this method for code generation starting from an existing database, your JAVA — JPA — SPRING boot project will look like this:

======> LINK TO a GITHUB PROJECT <=====

If you don’t like it do not read any further, just close the article already. Otherwise, go on and have fun.

Step 1)

Give your project a nice name and a…

Give the context of a WEB application fault

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

They found the hanging body on a sunny Monday afternoon. The screen was still displaying the last assigned task regarding a bug fix — misty, convoluted sentences without significance.

In the career of a developer this is a common part: the will to take an end to our pain. Suicide is never the answer — maybe we can reduce suffering related to bug fixing tasks using HAR files.

Content of the story:

  1. What HAR these — a definition about HAR files and how them can help us fixing and reporting a bug;
  2. Generate a secure HAR file — using your…

After some experience in the field I have found several aspects that have made me turn up my nose — and I have found some maneuvers to straighten it back.

In the next six sections there is my point of view about the 6 main DOWNSIDES of microservices development — and what I think could be done to reverse some of them to UPSIDES.


Sitting on a porch, illuminated by the sun, with the leash in one hand and fragrant treats in the other, I’ve imagined the journey driven by survival instinct that has brought dogs sacrificing liberty in exchange for meals, and I got terribly gloomy.

My dog doesn’t like the leash at all. Following the dog trainer’s advice, I’ve started using treats to make her want to get closer; in this way, the process is improved a great deal.

My little Java looking at the camera

According to the collective imaginary, a dog’s leash is not the symbol of a mechanism of coercion, but rather of love. We do not want that the beloved runs away or gets stretched under some car’s tires or bitten by a stray dog. Maybe we avoid thinking, unconsciously, about the sacrifice that has been done by millions of dogs.

Nevertheless, it is said “happy as a…

Some of the most hated types code comments you can find in almost every codebase. Here below a frequently updated list with my personal experience.

Have fun 😋

1- The “fainted away”

/* This calculates the  */

2- The “totally useless”:

/* The field color red */
private Color red;

3- The “confused”:

/* returns always true */
public boolean isThisTrue(Object obj) {
return false;

4- The “code replication in natural language”:

/* set A tax code equals to B plus one */
a.setTaxCode(b +1)

5- The “code replication in in coding language BUT in another syntax”:

/* a.taxcode = b +…

Keep your home office as comfortable as possible with very low effort.

1 - Wide mouse pad

It’s my personal working dojo — my sacred working place. While all items in the room can change place, revolving as a system of celestial bodies having me as the main axis, on my mouse pad you will always find the same items.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this behaviour immensely helps me gaining concentration and entering into the flow state with less effort.

Photo by Workperch on Unsplash

2 - USB and HDMI switchers

Linus Torvalds (the guy who created Linux) does have his desk plastered with cables. For me on the contrary It’s disturbing to have a tangle of wires over the place I’m supposed to work.

You wish you had known this before — ENABLE CLIPBOARD HISTORY!

Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

Windows comes with a tool called “clipboard” which is used by the operative system to save your LATEST copied item.

Through this tool is possible to COPY (ctrl-c) a text from one place and PASTE(ctrl-v) it to another place…. Yeah, you already know this. 👌

What you probably do not know is that in Windows 10 there is an option to mantain history of copied text. Not only the latest text you copied, but the latest 25 items!

How to activate it?

I've found experimentally that what you said about thread and container replicas is absolutely true: Java has threads, but nodeJs scales better.

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