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Confronting highly intensive CPU operations throughput using different worker threads configurations.

It would have made everything simpler knowing these before.

This article is based on a REAL use case scenario for a database-intensive application, with a focus on performance. The experimental results I’ve come across can help you choose one or the other.

  1. Application and test description — what are we measuring and how
  2. Results and conclusion


  1. /find-all — Gets an increasing number of items from the DB
  2. /save — Persists a new item on the DB
  3. /get/{id} — Get an item from the DB
  4. /cpu/{load} —…

Give the context of a WEB application fault

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They found the hanging body on a sunny Monday afternoon. The screen was still displaying the last assigned task regarding a bug fix — misty, convoluted sentences without significance.

  1. What HAR these — a definition about HAR files and how them can help us fixing and reporting a bug;
  2. Generate a secure HAR file — using your…

After some experience in the field I have found several aspects that have made me turn up my nose — and I have found some maneuvers to straighten it back.


In the past year, I’ve gone through a very tough interview for Amazon AWS. In this article, I’ve described my experience.

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Any user can edit values in the storage — let's encrypt them.

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An HTML text area field with syntax highlighting, in which changes are streamed immediately to all connected clients.

The demo of the “direct-code” simple app. Make it yourself!

In the latest release, a terrible bug was included. Lots of precious user information was lost. With Kibana we recovered everything.

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1- Lazy Loading

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alt="Description of the image"
loading="lazy" / "eager"

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