The process is done in 4 simple steps.

This is an elaboration of the original article for python written by Tobias Schlottke

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TL;DR: check this Github repo.

Note: The first input is the File Image. Then, for…

Streams? Parallel Streams? Reactive Flux? Regular expressions? There are lots of different ways. Let’s see what is the best solution.

Environment: ~1GB text file with ~6 million rows.

Let’s start from the easiest one; the standard “read all files in memory and search there”. Of course, the limit here is the total amount of RAM ( or in Java's case, XMX) available.

Total response time: 5.15 seconds

Not so…

In the past year, I’ve gone through a very tough interview for Amazon AWS. In this article, I’ve described my experience.

I would like to describe it all, starting from the review of my curriculum vitae, the “codility ”algorithm online code challenge, the phone screening interview, the onsite interview (with 5 different people about various topics), and the final call.

I will not report the precise questions that they asked me…

This article is based on a REAL use case scenario for a database-intensive application, with a focus on performance. The experimental results I’ve come across can help you choose one or the other.

Straightforwardly, the same application has been realized twice using different languages: JavaScript (Node-JS) and Java (Spring-Boot) with performance measuring executed in varied environments.

All the code including deploy (Docker-Swarm) and testing environment (JMeter) is available at free for you to play with and customize.


  1. Application and test description…

How to configure fast communication using gRPC protocol buffer between two spring boot apps.

The full implementation is in this << GitHub Repository >>

In this short tutorial, we will see how to use the Jboss Credential Store in a Spring application, and access its values programmatically.


Very simple: it adds a level of indirection to variables that should be protected, instead of having them directly valuated on the file system.

Say for example that we have an SMTP Password to be used for sending mails. We want that PASSWORD to be as secure as possible.

Who does not want to power up his YAML files?

Kubelinter is a free, open-source CLI used for checking Kubernetes files against several configurable best practices. This project has been brought to life by StackRox.

Every developer has had this experience: the software works fine in the local environment, but when the same version of the software is installed in the production environment, nothing works anymore.

How can this be possible? It’s the exact same version! It has to be the environment. So you spend…

A simple step-by-step guide to use Kubernetes ConfigMap to update the environment of a frontend application at runtime, without any additional libraries.

Full code with standard docker files and basic angular and react application is available here. Read forward for a comprehensive explanation of the focal points of the implementation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is a rework and an expansion of the original article by Robin-Manuel Thiel “Dynamically set Angular Environment Variables in…

Every one of us has at least one old semi-broken old phone in the drawer. In this article, I’ve described how I transformed this old piece of tech. junk into a fully functional security camera accessible from the internet.


  • 1 Android phone with functioning WIFI connection, camera, and display
  • 1 Configurable Internet Router (or, to get things very spicy, you could install a private VPN server)


Let’s start with the easy part: installing the application that will transform your phone into an IP Webcam. (Requires Android 4.1 …

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